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New Factory in Kocani

Over the past months Dena Textile Productions has been slowly moving from our manufacturing company in Skopje to a brand new facility in Kocani. Kocani is a city which is located in the east of Macedonia and has around 40.000 habitants. It is located in the textile region of Macedonia, which gives Dena the opportunity to make use of the knowledge and quality available in that area. Our factory currently holds a staff of around 50 employees who are all locally based and have been internally trained from the start.

Tri-Dena Website Launch

The event of your customer already starts at the delivery of the right material. The protection of this material is something that is always of value. It it usually hard to transport or store your bars,fridges,chairs, and other material without leaving a scratch on its surface. This will all change with the introduction of Tri-Dena. Tri-Dena protection covers will help to protect your valuable material at all times, either during transportation from and to your customers event or during storage in your own warehouse.
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